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This election will determine the fate of the great American experiment. Social media won't change minds, but direct action will. Here's list of simple actions you can take to ensure our election is on the right side of history. THIS IS URGENT. Please help however you are able.

Note: This guide is not an exhaustive list of ways to help. It is a starting point so people can take quick, repeated action. If you have suggestions/comments please contact me below. 

The actions are focused on the election but will also include some ways to help with the many calamities impacting our country (Fires, floods, etc.)  


There are also options for people who may not be able to contribute money to campaigns. 

We've got this. Now let's act...


It's not just about Presidency. It's about turning the Senate senate. If Trump were to win, it is CRITICAL there is a balance of power and he can be help accountable. Here are a few key races that can use our support. I've also include links to do more research - there may be another race you want to support.


Senate Races - Turning the Senate is Critical.


Democrat Mark Kelley has a fighting chance to defeat the incumbant Republican - turn AZ purple!

This PAC Supports All Key Progressive/Democrat Races

It will take effort to get Mitch McConnell out of office... but it is possible


Incumbent Jones is a lone Dem in a deep red state. Let's keep him there. It's going to be a tough race.


Former Governor John Hickenlooper has decent odds at turning CO purple.

Theresa Greenfield has  a 50/50 chance to win in this red-leaning state. 


Helpful Links To Research The Races

Here is a helpful grid of the races at stake.

Additional details and context on races can be found on Politico's site.


Talk to your friends, family and others who are undecided or uninspired to vote Democratic (or vote at all)

Every vote is critical right now. If you know someone who may be on the fence or leaning a particular way, take time to talk them and make your case!

Talking to Trump supporters:

Here are a few sites that feature the stories of people who voted for Trump and are now supporting Biden's ticket.

Republican Voters Against Trump - Powerful video testimonials you can share with your friends.

Vote Vets - Another compelling video and more organizing from Vets against Trump.

The Lincoln Project - Another organization of long time Republicans who are concerned about our democracy.

Talking to Progressives who will vote third party or not at all:

Sure maybe Biden isn't the most compelling candidate for progressives - but he will help undue the damage Trump has sowed upon our nation. He also believes in climate change, working class ideals, etc. It's important that we communicate that a third party vote or abstaining will contribute to another 4 years of Trump - and this will have dire impacts on our country. Here are a few resources to share and help frame the conversations:

Good article on Biden's  platform from Progressive angle. - They have a strategy to vote for Biden and put pressure on him post-election.

Tips for engaging:

  • If possible, have a real time conversation with this person on the phone or video. As we know, social media is a poor place for generative discussion.

  • If you can't speak in real time, then a private message will go a long way. Publicly challenging someone may put them on defensive even more.

  • Listen! See where they are at. Understand their angle before you try to change their mind.

  • Share personal stories whenever possible. Why are you making a decision to support Democrats this year?

  • Remember you may not be able change an opinion immediately - but you will plant a seed.  This is very powerful. Don't become discouraged - your actions are critical and important - regardless of the outcome.

  • Remember that we are all more alike than the media/leaders make us seem.


This site will expand over the next few weeks.   We welcome suggestions and also would love if you let us know you are taking actions. You can use this form.