Resiliency Bootcamp

October 24th - 30th

Rise to the challenge

Registration Closes This Tues. 10/14. 
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The 'new normal' is hardly normal. We are  living in a period filled with unprecedented challenges. It's clear these challenges will persist well into next year.

How are you feeling?

Extended periods of high or low grade stress can take a toll on one's body and mind.  It's more important than ever to invest in your health and mental well-being.

We've developed a week-long program to help re-calibrate your body, mind and spirit.

It's important that we all remain resilient in the times ahead. Our Resiliency Bootcamp can help you not only survive, but thrive...


HOW It works

This program draws upon the Samana+ body and mind programs.


At the core is our mindfulness and meditation program - designed for thriving in 2020 and beyond.

Building from the mindfulness progra are custom designed Yoga sequences for agility and health. 

For those who want to go deeper, we are offering a version of our popular Urban Reset cleanse as well. This is ideal if you have persistent physical conditions are well. (Poor digestion, pain, etc.)



You'll learn a meditation framework you can use to manage everyday (and not so everyday) stress. 


The first session will be a workshop on how the brain, body and mind influence stress. We'll explore the latest in neuroscience while drawing upon time-tested breathing and visualization techniques. You'll learn how you can tame your 'lizard brain'.


Each daily session will build upon the previous days.  

There will be ample time for practice and discussion.


At the end of the Bootcamp you'll get to practice your new meditation toolkit with a Yoga Nidra session. Yoga Nidra is a powerful tool for immediate relaxation and long-term balance.  You will actively participate in this session. Accompanying the Yoga Nidra will be sound healing. 



Learn a simple, yet powerful sequence to build core strength. No yoga experience necessary. 


The sequence is custom designed for this program and the times we live in.


A Seven Day Ayurvedic Mono-Diet and Herb Supported Cleanse. You get to eat delicious, nourishing meals designed to reset your digestive process.

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Our customer stories and our own direct experience show that investing time rebalancing your body and mind will pay off almost immediately.

Our guided program and cohort support model will also ensure you stay engaged and inspired.

Below are a few examples of how our programs can help.


Numerous studies have validated the positive effect of mindfulness and meditation. Documented results include:

  • Reduction in short-term and long-term anxiety.

  • Increased ability to self-regulate.

  • Improved mental agility.

  • Enhanced immune system response.


See our references section for more information. (Coming soon!)


. Our Urban Reset program has been completed by hundreds of people and reported results include:

  • Reduction or elimination of seasonal and food allergies.

  • Reduced chronic pain.

  • Weight loss and better eating habits.

  • Improved mental clarity.

And there are numerous studies on the positive impact of even light Yoga on the body and and mind. See our references section for more information!



Each day we'll meet as a group for lessons, meditation and shared experiences.  The mindfulness sessions designed to build off each other - so by the end you have a complete framework/toolkit to use. 

Saturday 24th

10 to 11am (PDT)


11 - 1pm

Everyday Mindfulness Workshop

Wednesday 28th

8 to 9am

Mindfulness Session and Practice Part 4


Urban Reset Check-in (15-30min)

Sunday 25th

11 to 12pm 

Mindfulness Session and Practice Part 2

Urban Reset Starts

Thursday 29th

8 to 9am

Mindfulness Session and Practice Part 5 & Yoga Check-In

Monday 26th

8 to 9am (PDT)

Resiliency Yoga Lessons 


Friday 30th

8 to 9am

Mindfulness Session Part 6

Wrap Up and DeBrief


Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath

(May do it on Saturday based on participant schedule.)

Tuesday 27th

8 to 9am

Mindfulness Session and Practice Part 3

Optional Day 8+

Urban Reset Reintegration Diet

Samana+ Sunday Meditations

Monthly cohort check-in

What's included


Mindfulness & Yoga Lessons and Practice

  • Live and recorded classes and practice sessions

  • A comprehensive mindfulness plan to help you both reduce stress and use it to your advantage.
  • A simple yet powerful restorative yoga sequence designed for all skill levels and body types.


OPTIONAL: Urban Reset Kit and Program

  • Spices and Ghee for Kicheri*

  • Proprietary Digestion & Detox   Formulas

  • Immunity Formula (Chayuwamprash)

  • Tongue Cleaner

  • Support Forum

(Note: Due to Covid we can not provide the Mung Dahl or Rice.)

Learn More About the Reset.

On a Video Call

Support & Inspiration from Samana Staff and your Bootcamp Cohort

  • Samana staff will be available to teach, answer questions and help you overcome challenges.

  • Your fellow Bootcamp participants will also be with you. Get inspiration, tips, and have fun with your peers.

  • Meet others with similar values and goals. We are in this together!


Resiliency Toolkit & Ongoing Support

  • Ongoing support and work plans to help you stay healthy and strong in this period of instability.

  • We'll host a monthly check in for those that want to keep their progress and expand their learning.  Stay resilient!



Eric Cetnarski

Program Management/Meditation

Eric Cetnarski is the Co-Founder and Director  of Samana+.   Eric is a certified Sound Therapy Practitioner and has led mindfulness workshops for organizations including McKesson, IDEA,, UCSF and UC Berkelely HAAS. Eric also holds an MBA in Sustainability Management and works in organizational development.


Heather Kasinky


Heather has a love and calling to share the practice of yoga and movement with others in a positive and nurturing environment. She has a background in African Diaspora based dance, contemporary dance technique and gymnastics.

She began training in classical Hatha Yoga as an Ayurvedic prescription for severe respiratory issues, which eventually led her to complete a teacher training with the International Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Ashram In Neymar Dam, Kerala, India. During her time in India, she also took part in asana and pranayama workshops at the Sanathana School of Yoga studies in Kochi, Kerala with Abhiram Chaithanaya


Malcolm McQuirter


Malcolm is a Co-Founder and Director of Samana's Ayurvedic and Mindfulness programs. He has spent the last 20 years studying and practicing the best of Eastern and Western meditation techniques to better understand the Mind's role in healing. Malcolm is steeped in the tantric traditions of South India.He has a Master's in Ayurvedic Medicine from California College of Ayurveda.


 We are happy to have helped hundreds of people with our programs.  Results vary by individual.  Here are a few examples:   


For the past 15 year I have been regulary hit with waves of severe allergies. Two months before my wedding I had the worst allergy attack of my life during a site visit at our outdoor location...

Fortunately I found the Urban Reset. I am so happy to report that my allergies COMPLETELY disappeared. After 15 years I can finally  breathe though my nose again!

The Reset has changed my life. Not only did I immediately feel healthier and clearer, but I also learned to understand my digestion what my body needs to stay in balance.  The Reset Diet is something I will turn to for the rest of my life. I don't always eat as well I should, but at least now I know how to quickly get back on track.

Liz C., San Francisco.

This is a picture of Liz at her wedding!

I kicked caffeine nearly two years ago and don't miss it at all. People are often shocked by this because they can't imagine living without it. I didn't think I could (or should) either until I participated in the Urban Reset.  I had no idea how caffeine impacted me - now I'm grateful for no jitters and even more energy.


Jenny Y., San Francisco.

Frequently asked questions

Is the program online only?

Yes, the program is online. You can participate from anywhere. We'll be using zoom for live sessions and have recordings available to participatns.

I love that you have daily schedule! What if I need to miss a session?

We understand that life happens (especially these days!) - so we will record our sessions for you to view later in day/week. However we do recomend attending the the live session so we can answer questions and help you refine your practice in realtime.

I'm not sure about the Urban Reset cleanse part. Why should I be cleansing too?

When we created this Bootcamp, we realized that many people are also suffering from physical issues that are related to stress, fires, allergies, etc. Also, the fall is the start of flue season and possible increase in COVID cases - so it is prudent to help build your immunity though a proven Ayurvedic diet and herbs. Our Urban Reset recalibrates the body so both your mind/body can work as a fine-tuned machine. To learn more about the Reset click on the learn more button.

I don't have Yoga and/or Meditation experience. Can I still participate?

Yes! This course is designed for all levels!

pricing and booking


Full Program

Urban Reset Kit and Mindfulness/Yoga Module


Mindfulness Only

 Mindfulness/Yoga Module