Everyday Mindfulness

Get calm quickly, reduce your stress,

and make stress work for you.


This experiential workshop will put in a state of focused calm and teach you how to achieve focused calm yourself.

Next workshop:
October 21st

5:00 pm Pacific 


Most of Us Have Experienced More Stress This Year


A 2020 survey by the American Psychological Association reveals that 8 in 10 Americans have significant stressors in their lives.  It's no surprise - given the health, economic and social landscape of the times. 


This ongoing stress and burnout can cause immediate productivity losses and lead longer term health issues.


Telling People To Be 'Mindful' and 'Just Breathe' Isn't Always Enough



There's been a renewed interest in mindfulness and the breath - and rightfully so.  Focused breathing can immediately help calm the nervous system.  


However, in order to fully benefit from breathing and mindfulness practices, it's important to understand how our nervous system responds to stress and how to use stress to our advantage.  We can't always control the amount of stress in our lives but we can control how we react to it. Why not use stress to your advantage?



Learn Practical Exercises You Can Use Today​

In this session you'll be equipped with tools and methods to observe and analyze the mental and physical triggers of stress - and stop (or harness) them before they overwhelm you.


The practices are designed for anyone to use, anywhere. 


Unplug and Recharge

This is an experiential workshop and most of our participants report feeling a renewed since of calm after participating.  So think of it as a learning retreat! 

Join us for this 1.5 hour interactive learning lab and get ready for what may be continued turbulent times ahead. 




Technique One and Practice

Overview of Stress and the Brain/Body/Breath Connection

Technique Two and Practice

 Leveraging Stress for Effective Outcomes

Technique Three and Practice

Into Action: Staying Calm, Sane and Productive Everyday



Eric Cetnarski

Eric Cetnarski is the Co-Founder and Director  of Samana+.   Eric is formally trained in meditation practices and  isa certified Sound Therapy Practitioner. He has led mindfulness workshops for organizations including McKesson, IDEO, UCSF and Hult International Business School. Eric also holds an MBA in Sustainability Management and works in organizational development and transformation.

Feedback from past sessions:


"Eric's approach is friendly and accessible.  I now feel I can practice mindfulness , even if it's just breathing when in line!"

Anne - Detroit MI 

"I was expecting a dry lesson, but the content was participatory. I really experienced calm... first time in months."

David - Vancouver, BC

Past clients include: