Everyday Mindfulness

REDUCE your Stress and make it work for You

A recent survey* by Mental Health America and Flexjobs reveals that 75 percent of America’s workforce is experiencing stress and burnout this year.   It is no surprise, given the health, economic and social landscape of the times.  Stress and burnout can cause immediate productivity losses and can cause longer term health issues.

Fortunately there are some simple and effective tools for managing stress levels during the day.  These tools are designed to be done anytime, anywhere.  Experience in yoga or meditation is not required,  nor is a smartphone.

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • Three techniques that will help you immediately calm your nervous system and refocus your attention.

  • How the brain and nervous system work together to manage stress. With this understanding you can can tame unhelpful flight or flight responses.

  • Why some stress can can be good for you - and how to leverage it for more productive outcomes.





Technique One and Practice

Overview of Stress and the Brain

Mindfulness Framework Review

Technique Two and Practice

Leveraging Stress for Effective Outcomes

Technique Three and Practice

Mindfulness Lab - Staying Calm, Sane and Productive




Eric Cetnarski

Eric Cetnarski is the Co-Founder and Director  of Samana+.   Eric is a certified Sound Therapy Practitioner and has led mindfulness workshops for organizations including McKesson, IDEO, UCSF and Hult International Business School. Eric also holds an MBA in Sustainability Management and works in organizational development and transformation.


Malcolm McQuirter

Malcolm is a Co-Founder and Director of Samana's Ayurvedic and Mindfulness programs. He has spent the last 20 years studying and practicing the best of Eastern and Western meditation techniques to better understand the Mind's role in healing. Malcolm is trained in the tantric traditions of South India.    He has a Master's in Ayurvedic Medicine from California College of Ayurveda.

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*Flexjobs survey link here.