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Good Health Starts With Good Digestion


In Ayurvedic Medicine, the digestive system is considered to the foundation of a healthy body. A fine-tuned digestive system optimized the body's ability to both absorb nutrients and eliminate unnecessary elements (toxins).   When the digestive system becomes sluggish food is not absorbed properly and excess toxins can accumulate in the kidneys, liver, etc. The impacts of a sluggish digestive system can be many - including  Increased sickness/allergies, constipation/bloating and inflammation.

An  Ayurveda, a Kicheri mono-diet is often prescribed to re-calibrate the digestive system and turn up the digestive fire. (Agni.)  Kicheri is specially formulated to give your digestion a break - while providing key nutrients. Think of it as a fast - but one were you are nourished and satiated!

Samana has refined the Kicheri mono diet program and made it accessible to a modern,western client base.

Not only will you help your body but you'll begin to better understand your relationship to food and building lasting good-habits.


Super Health Food
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Our kit comes comes with all the essentials to get your cooking and cleansing successfully.


Included in Kit:

Organic Kicheri Spice Mix

This is the classic recipe. You can add more or different spices to taste.

Organic Ghee

Vegan option available by request.


Proprietary Digestion and Detox Herbs

Designed by our Ayurvedic team. Sustainably-sourced and bottled in California.

These herbs jump start the digestion and detoxification process.

Tongue Cleaner

For oral health during the cleanse.



A restorative formula packed with Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Excellent for the immune system.

Individual and Group Support

We provide ongoing support through the program.

You'll have access to our knowledge base and also get support and inspiration from your cohort.

Frequently Asked questons

What is Kicheri?

Kicheri is a traditional Indian dish made from mung dahl (lentil), basmati rice, ghee, vegetables and spices. 

Can I eat anything else besides Kicheri?

The mono-diet aspect is a critical component of this program.  Kicheri is very effective at improving digestion - so you can not replace it with other foods.

Can I drink caffeine?

In general its best to avoid decaffeinate beverages. However we understand that caffeine detox can be severe and have tips and tricks to help you reduce caffeine without the side effects.

I'm not a great cook. Is it easy to prepare kicheri?

Yes! Kicheri is a very simple dish to make. We'll provide step by step instructions. You've got this!


Where can I find Mung Dahl?

Mung Dahl can be found in any Indian grocery store. It is also farily common in traditional grocery stores as well. You can also find it online.  If you have trouble finding it we'll help.



We are happy to have helped hundreds of people with our programs. Our customers have used the Reset to eliminate allergies, reduce chronic pain, lose weight and get better control of their diet and lifestyle. Results vary by individual.  Here are a few examples. 



“For the past 15 year I have been regulary hit with waves of severe allergies. Two months before my wedding I had the worst allergy attack of my life during a site visit at our outdoor location...

Fortunately I found the Urban Reset. I am so happy to report that my allergies COMPLETELY disappeared. After 15 years I can finally  breathe though my nose again!

The Reset has changed my life. Not only did I immediately feel healthier and clearer, but I also learned to understand my digestion what my body needs to stay in balance.  The Reset Diet is something I will turn to for the rest of my life. I don't always eat as well I should, but at least now I know how to quickly get back on track.

Liz C. - San Francisco

(The picture is Liz at her wedding in a field of flowers!)


“I kicked caffeine nearly two years ago and don't miss it at all. People are often shocked by this because they can't imagine living without it. I didn't think I could (or should) either until I participated in the Urban Reset.  I had no idea how caffeine impacted me - now I'm grateful for no jitters and even more energy.

Jenny H. - San Francisco


“The Reset was chance to step back from habit and routine and be more conscious about what I eat, how I prepare it and how it factors into my life. I feel more connected to real food and less dependent on food as a way to get through the day (aside from genuine appetite).


The Reset gave me the space to go beyond the food, too, and claim time for calm, and for myself


“I was a bit apprehensive about starting a one week cleanse, especially during a hectic time in my life. My experience with other cleanses have not been that successful. I'm usually hungry and end up bailing after a few days. My experience on the Urban Reset couldn't have been more different. First and foremost, I was never hungry! The support provided by Malcolm and Eric made all the difference in the experience. I loved getting the morning messages as to what to expect for the day and any changes I might be experiencing. My cravings for refined sugar have disappeared, my head is clear and I lost 7.5 pounds on top of it all. Thank you both. I'll be back for the fall cleanse.

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