The impact of sound on water molecules. 

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Sound Healing 

Immersive non-touch ‘massage’ techniques using Quartz Crystal & Tibetan Bowls, Voice, Tuning Forks, & Digital Frequencies. Sound Healing is effective for a range of short-term & long-term health & wellness concerns. I offer individual, couples and group sessions tailored to your specific needs.  Resuming in person sessions this July! 

Eric Cetnarski,
Co-Founder Samana.Life
& Sound Healing Practicioner

Experience The Healing Power of Sound


Sound Healing is a powerful medium. It affects more than just your ears. Your whole body will respond to the techniques. The combination of singing bowls, voice and other tones creates a relaxing, energizing and often blissful environment to relax, recharge and heal.

Learn More: Here's a piece from San Francisco's KALW on my practice and approach. Click below or visit this link.

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Individual Sessions


Sound Healing sessions are tailored to your particular needs.   The most common reasons people visit include:

  • Stress Reduction & Calm

  • Sore Muscle Relief

  • Transforming Emotions

  • Energizing the Mind

Not sure what you need? Please contact me and we can customize a program for you. 

Note: Due to a possible COVID resurgence I am pausing San Francisco appointments for the next next two weeks. 

 I'm offering sessions August 14th in Oakland, from 12pm to 4pm at Bliss Fitness. 

Group & Team Sessions

Sound Healing also very effective for groups. It is a relaxing and cost-effective event for team and community building.  I design programs for group transformation, goal setting, retreats and more.

Please contact me below to set up a discovery meeting to see what programs can best serve you. 

Past clients include:


Community Events

We offer free and donation-based mediation and sound healings.  Join the Oakland (now global :) ) Sound Healing Group Meetup Group for schedules and information.

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