Welcome. Since 2015 we have been providing holistic health, meditation and consulting services to individuals and organizations around the world. We draw upon a rich history of organizational and personal development, formal meditation lineages, and Ayurvedic health. We offer them in a modern, accessible way.  We are rooted in tradition, but are forever evolving and exploring.

The past year has changed our society in ways we have yet to fully understand. Samana.Life if ready to adapt. We are committed to giving you tools to help navigate this new world  - and thrive in it.

New courses and retreats coming this Winter. 

Current Offerings.

The Urban Reset Digestion Tune-Up

This Ayurvedic Mono-Diet leverages a time-tested, simple and delicious kicheri meal, while our proprietary herbal formulas  help strengthen your digestive & immune systems.
Our program has helped people eliminate allergies, indigestion, bloating, fatigue, bad eating habits and more.

We offer 4, 8, and 14-Day programs and flexible start dates.


ViFi: Sound Healing

Due to the surge in COVID19 we are suspending most sound healing programs until the Fall. Thank you for your support and patience.  


Gayatri Retreat
Portugal - June  '22

Join us for an 8-Day Journey through the Gayatri Practice in the Portugal countryside.  Each day we will present and practice a series of activities to get you deeply immersed in self-reflection, mantra, creativity and calm. 

Current Workshops and Community Meditation Programs: 

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